Eighteen Bridges wins big at Alberta Magazine Awards

Eighteen Bridges won big at the Alberta Magazine Awards gala in Calgary, taking home three golds and three silvers last week.

Eighteen Bridges won big at the Alberta Magazine Awards gala in Calgary, taking home three golds and three silvers last week.

Swerve magazine, a weekly arts and culture publication, also won five times, including a gold in the Alberta Story category for "Deerfoot's Revenge" by Jeremy Klaszus, and another gold for feature Design category for "Double Take."

Melissa Molloy was named Emerging Writer of the year for "The Accuser and Us" in Profiles West, on a family's struggle with mental illness and the court system. Alberta Venture's Mike Ganley was honoured as Editor of the Year, and Impact Magazine's Elaine Kupser won this year's Achievement in Publishing award.

Here is the list of award winners:

Gold: Swerve, Jeremy Klaszus for "Deerfoot's Revenge"
Silver: Eighteen Bridges, Russell Cobb for “Glorious and Free. Mostly.

Gold: Profiles West, Melissa Molloy, "The Accuser and Us"
Silver: Degrees Magazine, Raquel Fletcher for “Ten Tree Sees the Forest and the Trees


Gold: Alberta Views, Karen Connelly for "Washing the Body"

Silver: Eighteen Bridges, Max Fawcett for “Why Knot?

Gold: Western Living, Stacey McLachlan for "The Bounty Hunter"
Silver: up!, Zac Unger for “Small is Beautiful

Gold: Eighteen Bridges, Caroline Adderson for "I Feel Lousy"
Silver: filling Station, Natalie Morrill for Ossicles


Gold: Eighteen Bridges, Karen Solie for "Rothko via Muncie, Indiana"
Silver: FreeFall, Richard Harrison for “Poem for a Crescent Moon

Gold: Eighteen Bridges, Curtis Gillespie for “The Populist"

Silver: Eighteen Bridges, Christine Fischer Guy for “Burden of Proof

Gold: Swerve, Kim Gray for "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

Silver: Avenue Edmonton, Tina Faiz for “Truck Nuts

Gold: Uppercase, Janine Vangool, publisher, designer, editor for Issue #13 
Silver: Uppercase, Janine Vangool, publisher, designer, editor for Issue #15 

Gold: Swerve, Vishu Mahajan, art director for "Double Take"

Silver: Western Living, Randall Watson, art director; Carlo Ricci, John Sinal, Martin Tessler, Nic Lehoux, Eugene Uhuad and Robert Lemermeyer, photographers; Maureen Willick, stylist for “Designers of the Year

Gold: Alberta Oil, Dushan Milic for "End of Days"
Silver: Swerve, Josh Holinaty for “The Art of Snow Removal

Gold: Alberta Oil, Curtis Comeau, photographer; Kim Larson, art director for "Calling Nisku"
Silver: Where Calgary, Jason Eng, photographer; Veronica Cowan, art director, for “Urban Renewal


Gold: Avenue Calgary, Anders Knudsen and Erin Burns, art directors; Jared Sych, photographer; Alicja Wilkosz, hair and makeup; Julie Van Rosendaal, food stylist for "Last Supper"

Silver: Alberta Venture, Kim Larson, art director; Gary Stevensen, illustrator for “The Sin & Self-Improvement Issue/August 2012


Gold: Galleries West, Tom Tait, Kim Machado, Kristy Davison
Silver: Avenue Calgary, Allison McNeely, web editor; Dave Wilkinson, technology director; Joel Collyer, web developer; Kenny Odlum, web designer; Jennifer Hamilton, executive editor; Jaelyn Molyneux, senior editor; Jay Winans, managing editor; Ricky Zayshley, associate editor; Meredith Bailey, editorial assistant; Shelley Arnusch, staff writer