Eight skills to hone before you graduate

With newspapers across the country cutting staffers, it’s no longer enough to be a wizard with words and interview questions: news companies are increasingly demanding applicants with more diverse skills.

Vadim Lavrusik at Mashable recently posted the “8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist,” writing:

“2010 will likely be a time of transition as today’s journalists catch up to learn the multimedia, programming, social media, and business skills they’ll need to tell their stories online. These new skills are especially relevant to startups that are looking to hire multi-skilled and social media-savvy journalists.”

Lavrusik’s “must-have” skills:

1. Entrepreneurial and Business Savvy
2. Programmer
3. Open-minded Experimenter
4. Multimedia Storyteller
5. The Social Journalist and Community Builder
6. Blogger and Curator
7. Multi-skilled
8. Fundamental Journalism Skills

It’s interesting, though, that “fundamental journalism skills” comes last on the list.

Lavrusik writes: “These fundamental skills will be more important than ever as audiences search for credibility on the Web.”

 I agree, but would think these core skills would get higher billing on the list.

What do you think, Students’ Lounge readers? What are you doing to expand your skill set in preparation for entering the job market?