26 Oct

Ingram: What journalists must do when information is everywhere

<p><strong>By Melanie Coulson, Education Editor</strong></p><p>Journalists need to embrace their changing role as a trusted curator and aggregator of news, <a href="" target="_blank" title="Follow Ingram on Twitter" rel="noopener">Mathew Ingram</a> said at a recent <a href="" target="_blank" title="more on that event here" rel="noopener">Third Tuesday event</a> in Ottawa.</p>

17 Oct

Multimedia journalism is like sex in junior high: Garcia

<p><strong>By Melanie Coulson, Education Editor</strong></p><p dir="ltr">Media consultant <a href="" target="_blank" title="Follow Mario's blog here" rel="noopener">Mario Garcia</a> was at the <em><a href="" target="_blank" title="" rel="noopener">Ottawa Citizen</a></em> today to share his thoughts on a new wave in storytelling, in which four platforms (mobile, tablet, web and print) are considered at the conception of a story.</p>

22 Aug

Best practices for live chats

<p><strong>By Monique Beech, national community manager for Sun Media </strong></p><p>It’s a dreaded fear among us digital types who try to engage readers by doing live events or live chats on our websites: The fear that NOBODY will ask a question or make a comment. I’ll admit there have been a few times that I’ve filled an hour virtually talking to myself, rambling on (live blog style) and adding videos and polls in a desperate attempt to fill the time. As a colleague of mine would say, CRICKETS, is the worst.</p>

7 Jun

Live blog of MagNet2013 Conference: Breaking The Rules Of Online Publishing—Tyee Style

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22 May

The universal challenge of digital news: Why working as an online journalist isn’t all that different in Canada and Ghana

<p><em>Travelling to West Africa to work as a digital journalist, Global News online editor <strong>Ashley Terry</strong> expected there would be differences in how reporters get and tell stories. But what she didn't expect was to face some of the same challenges that online journalists see here in Canada.</em></p><p><img alt="" class="imagecache-large inline-image" src="" title="" /></p>

22 Aug

Teaching resources for instructors: New Media

<p><em>Updated August 20, 2013</em></p>

30 Jul

Teaching j-students how to live-tweet events

<p>It's easy to agree that the growing list of things journalism educators should teach their students these days must include the live-tweeting of events. What's not easy is figuring out how to do it. How can a journalism educator create a live-tweeting assignment that can be properly managed, assessed and graded?

3 Aug

J-schools and the digital age

<p>Journalism educators everywhere are struggling to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in newsrooms and the media industry. <a href="">The University of Maryland's Philip Meril College of Journalism </a>is hosting a conference in October to bring journalists and educators together to discuss how well journalism schools are meeting the digital challenge.</p>

24 Feb

Teaching social media tools to j-students despite clunky classroom software

Journalism educators may want to teach social media tools but often find it difficult given they are required to use clunky online systems for grading and communicating with students. In […]

7 Oct

Data-driven journalism: a beginner’s guide

The European Journalism Centre’s (EJC) data-driven journalism round table in Amsterdam came up with a 78-page crash course on the rising industry. The paper, titled “Data-driven journalism: what is there […]