Editor & Publisher to shut down

As a part of a series of changes at Nielsen Co., newspaper industry trade publication Editor & Publisher will be shut down, The New York Times reports

Nielsen, which is also selling Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, said E&P will be shut (both in print and online) by the end of the year.

E&P was launched in 1901 but
traces its history to 1884. It merged with the magazine The
, which had started in 1884.

An announcement from E&P about the closure stated:

“As news spread of E&P‘s fate, the staffers have been inundated with calls from members of the industry it covers, and many others, expressing shock and hopes for a revival. Staff members will stay on for the remainder of 2009.

“Greg Mitchell, editor since 2002, has hailed the staff and accomplishments, including a dozen major awards and strong showing on the Web for many years. Some staff writers/editors have been at E&P for a quarter of a century. ‘I’m shocked that a way was not found for the magazine to continue it some form — and remain hopeful that this may still occur,’ he said.”

Poynter Online received permission from E&P to reprint a selection from a 100th anniversary edition from 1984. Leo Bogart, an industry thinker at the time, wrote an essay titled “Newspapers in 2084.” As Poynter‘s Rick Edmonds notes: “It isn’t 2084 yet, but an astonishing amount of what Bogart predicted has come to pass.”