Donations wanted for Cynthia Brouse scholarship

Cynthia BrouseA group of friends of Cynthia Brouse, who passed away earlier this month, have established a scholarship in her name at the Ryerson School of Journalism and is now accepting donations, D.B. Scott reports.

The scholarship has the blessing of Cynthia’s family. Scott writes:

“The plan has the blessing of Cynthia’s family and, while the actual criteria for the scholarship remains to be determined (probably going to a multi-talented first year student moving into second year) the goal is eventually to build up at least $25,000 in an endowment that would give an annual award forever. Once $5,000 is obtained, it could at least produce a scholarship for five years.”

Donations can be made under “memorial fund” here.

A Facebook page was set up on what would have been her 53rd birthday to allow friends and colleagues to share memories, post photos and play music Cynthia loved.