Do j-students have a future?

“So, you want to be a journalist? Ha ha ha. Jeez.” Not
exactly encouraging words from the Gawker, but at least the satirical
website has a sense of humour about it
. As j-students prepare to graduate,
there couldn’t be more interesting times awaiting. Jobs are bound to be scarce,
which only means there’s more call for creativity and gumption.

“The most exciting career path of all will be the one taken
by aspiring journalists who don’t land a job at an established media outlet,”
writes Kelly
Toughill in
Why Keep Studying Journalism?

How to get started? Freelance writer and broadcaster Julia
Kilpatrick provides useful freelancing tips.
The article Networking
in Real Time
leads to web networking areas where editors and freelancers
find each other. A solid online profile is
important for today’s graduates – and not that goofy Facebook picture of you
wearing a lampshade. The other option is to simply change the way things are. After
all, the whole point of journalism education is to prepare students with broad
critical skills to re-invent
the future
of media.