DIY journalism: A solution for the unemployed and underemployed

Jobs are scarce. That’s no secret. If you’ve recently graduated, you’re probably still on the hunt for your dream job, and if you’re still in school, you’re probably constantly haunted by tales of layoffs and buyouts. Instead of fretting, why not launch your own indie journalism site?

The good folks at Mashable recently wrangled five media reporters for some advice on launching startup journalism sites, tackling issues from startup costs to audience development.

HOW TO: Launch your own indie journalism site

It may seem daunting, but with high levels of engagement in social media apps and news aggregates, it really has never been easier to get your name out there.

For those who wish to be proactive, the best time to start an indie journalism site, or even a one-man-band blog on a topic you’re passionate about, is now. As a student, you likely have more free time at your disposal and more access to talented writers willing to work for free (students!) than you ever will in your life. At best, your site will take off. At worst, you’ll develop an awesome stash of portfolio clippings, which will make you very valuable to potential employers.