Death threats to columnist who criticized China

A Canadian columnist and former political worker, Bill Tieleman,  received a death threat from a kook in Mainland China after a column in a free Vancouver commuter paper, in which he advocated boycotting China — and not just the summer Olympics. An excerpt of a story on Vancouver radio station CKNW:

“Tieleman received a flurry of emails from around the world but there was one from China that mentioned a weapon, “When I got the second email right in a row, I responded to it thinking that it was probably a fake email address and just said the police had been notified immmediately. And I immediately got another email back saying, “I have a gun and I’m waiting.” So, at that point it became even more serious than I was initially thinking about it.”

Another email from Mainland China said, ” I am normal Chinese. I must kill you and your family.” “

Here’s Tieleman’s blogspot site, with several entries concerning the column and the reaction.