Death threats to Canadian journalists

Vancouver Sun reporter Kim Bolan writes on World Press Freedom Day about her first-hand knowledge of death threats to journalists in Canada: “I was still startled two months ago to find a photo of myself posted on a Facebook page that had been started a few days earlier to attack me. A bullet hole had been photo-shopped onto my forehead, blood dripping from the wound, my left eye sliced open and more blood flowing from my nose and mouth…. “

“On World Press Freedom Day, we usually think about journalists in
faraway conflicts zones being under attack or those living under
totalitarian regimes struggling to practise their crafts,” wrote Bolan. “Increasingly though, journalists in Canada and the subjects we
interview are facing death threats and hate-filled vitriol spewed at us
online, over unlicensed radio airwaves and in ethnic newspapers. In the past year, I, my colleague Terry Milewski of the CBC, and
several people we have interviewed condemning the glorification of
violence by a tiny minority of Sikh separatists in Canada have received
threats to our lives.”