David Rider, Toronto Star

David Rider, Toronto Star

David Rider, Toronto Star

David Rider’s dogged reporting and capable leadership as the Urban Affairs Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star reflect true democratic journalistic principles in action. Only a journalist of the highest caliber would be able to consistently produce outstanding coverage of the Ford administration in a sanctioned vacuum of information. David was the only reporter to show up at Rob Ford’s official kick-off event for Mayor, and he and his team continue to keep Toronto taxpayers informed about what matters to them. He takes an active and encouraging interest in advancing the work of less seasoned ‘journos’ and participates in events such as ‘Word on the Street’ to promote literacy. His opinion pieces (http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2012/12/19/commentary_tdsb_not_me_told_my_6yearold_son_about_newtown.html) and features (http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2012/08/24/star_reporter_david_riders_inherited_tackle_box_holds_memories_links_father_to_son_to_grandson.html) showcase his ability to go beyond City Hall to move readers through the power of his storytelling.

NOTE FROM NOMINATOR: CORRECTION to David Rider's Nomination: David was the only reporter from a daily to attend Rob Ford's kick off event. Nominator regrets the error.


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