David Olive bites back

The Toronto Star‘s David Olive responds to Terry Corcoran’s National Post column about the CJF awards gala and the “Toronto-centric liberal collective that makes up the core of the Canadian media ideological value-trap.”

Olive writes:

“I get it that the conservative-dominated Canadian news media needs a foil, and that the paper employing me was long ago elected. . . . But, jeez, “Toronto-centric”? Where has the Post always been headquartered? Or did Don Mills and York Mills separate from the GTA and I didn’t notice?”

“”Collective”? My understanding of a collective is that no one’s in charge and everything is communally owned. Apart from my two Torstar shares (won in an internal contest) I own zilch in this enterprise that employs me.. And I have a chain of command of bosses, just like Mr. C.. The Star is about as much of a collective as Canadian Tire or the Royal Bank. And my bosses obsess about profit-and-loss, which I don’t think squares with Oxford’s definition of collective.

“I wish, for the sake of job security, that the Star was the core of something. That it had a lucrative monopoly – oops, that’s redundant. As Terry well knows, the closest thing to an ideological value trap in this country is its suffocating right-wing media.”