CTV network rebrands A Channels as CTV Two, A news becomes CTV News

CTV has announced the A Channel stations will become a separate network, known as CTV Two.
However, the  A Channel newsrooms and broadcast are being folded into CTV News. CTV News President, Wendy Freeman, says the new will retain their editorial independence.  “Extending Canada’s most trusted news brand to these local stations demonstrates our commitment to these communities,” said Wendy Freeman, President, CTV News. “We hope that under the CTV NEWS banner, these local stations will ultimately be able to survive on their own.”

CP news reports that CTV’s parent Bell Media says CTV Two will feature a mix of drama, comedy and reality programming as well as spotlighting day-to-day life in local communities in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Barrie, Ottawa, London, Windsor and Atlantic Canada through its news service.

Local CTV Two stations will serve Vancouver, Toronto, Southwestern Ontario, Ottawa and Atlantic Canada. The former A News brand will be changed into CTV News.