CSWA workshop: Essays in Biodiversity

A workshop titled “Essays in Biodiversity” is just one of many workshops
featured at the upcoming Canadian

Science Writers’ Association
, which takes place June 5-8 in Ottawa.

Research in Parks Canada
By Stephen Woodley

Parks Canada requires credible, timely, meaningful and usable applied and basic research to make responsible planning, management, operational and policy decisions. Over 400 new research projects are initiated annually.
Areas that benefit from research include; the establishment of new parks and expansion of the existing ones, maintenance or improvement of ecological integrity of national parks and sustainability of marine conservation areas; maintenance or improvement of the commemorative integrity of national historic sites; and facilitating visitor experiences that provide learning opportunities, satisfaction and personal connection.
The presentation will highlight some of the exciting impacts of science in promoting the heritage values of Canada’s natural and historic places, and in enhancing the provision of quality services to Canadians.

Workshop details:

Monday, June 7
Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa
11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Essays in Biodiversity
Experts weigh-in on a variety of aspects of this UNESCO International Year.

– Natalia Rybczynski, Museum of Nature
– Tyler Kuhn, SFU grad student and caribou DNA-wrangler
– Stephen Woodley, Parks Canada