Court bans G&M reporter from writing about sponsorship scandal dealings

Globe and Mail journalist Daniel Leblanc has been barred from reporting on negotiations aimed at reaching reaching an out of court settlement in a civil suit related to sponsorship scandal money.

Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean-Francois de Grandpre made the decision to forbid writing about negotiations between lawyers for Groupe Polygone and the federal government.  The CP report quoted Globe lawyer Mark Bantey.

“The judge ordered Daniel Leblanc not to publish any information about the defendants in the civil action and the federal government. He did suggest that any article dealing with the negotiations might interfere with the proper administration of justice.”

The Justice suspended proceedings in the case after the Globe‘s lawyer filed an appeal against a decision asking Leblanc to answer questions from Polygone’s lawyers regarding his confidential sources, the report adds.

The Globe said it plans to appeal the publication ban.