Copyright the hot summer issue

“I’ve made my living as a freelance writer for over thirty
years. It’s tougher out there now than ever,” writes Margaret Swaine on the comment
of the federal Copyright
. “Starting with a copyright law that has sharp teeth and makes
sure all writers get a royalty for work reproduced would be a great beginning.”

The consultation will hold its next town hall in Toronto
August 27. With keen interest across a number of industries, the event is
already full. However, you can still register to participate
via the web
.  Video from the Montreal
town hall
is posted on the officil web site. Public meetings were also held
in Vancouver, Calgary,
Winnipeg and Montreal
over the summer. Copyright watchdog Michael Geist has been logging the
submissions on his blog, including
tracking the key points being made. Geist’s blog also contains lists of
presenters and links to podcasts of submissions, placing it several steps ahead
of the government’s web site, if you’re looking for details.