CJFE wants your opinions

The Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE) plans to
revamp it’s profile, and it wants your input. Take the time to fill out a
short questionnaire before June 11 and let CJFE know what you think.

CJFE manager Julie Payne wrote a note detailing the questions:

Dear members and supporters of CJFE,
An important part of our strategic plan is to increase the profile of CJFE. As a first step we hope to get a cross section of opinions from members, volunteers, J students and other supporters of our work to contribute their ideas to kick start the exercise. We value your input and hope you will join us by responding to this request.
The idea is to engage in a total rethink of CJFE’s profile and find ways to sharpen our image/brand and promote our work in defending free expression. Here you will find attached a one page questionnaire asking you to put down your ideas and impressions which will then be gathered and shared with Erin Kawalecki and her colleagues at Juniper Park, an advertising agency assisting us with this process pro bono. They will then help us craft a message that best reflects who we are and where we want to be with messages that can be used in all of our work.
Below are the questions which we ask you to reflect on and fill then out with as few words as possible just impressions or a brief sentence for each question.  We invite you to feel free to be as frank in your responses because this is what will be the most helpful.  And please note that we will keep your answers anonymous!

Please send your completed questionnaire to cjfe@cjfe.org  by June 11 so we can compile the results for the next phase.

1. What’s our Core Purpose (Why do we exist?)

2. What’s our Vision? (Where are we going and how we will know we’re there?)

3. What’s our Method? (What do we do every day to get there?)

4. What are our Values? (What do we stand for?)

5. What’s our Position? (One thing that truly differentiates us from other organizations is…)

6. Who are our key Competitors?

7. What’s our biggest Strength?

8. What’s our biggest Weakness?

9. What’s our biggest Opportunity? (What could we do better?)

10. What’s our biggest Threat?

11. What’s our Reputation (How would other people describe us?)

12. I Wish (If you could change one thing internally or externally, what would it be?)

Thank you so much for being part of this process and we will definitely get back to you with an update on our progress!

Julie Payne, CJFE manager