Chtelaine editor prompts fury in Quebec

ChâtelaineCalls for a boycott and subscription cancellations erupted in Quebec after Châtelaine editor-in-chief Lise Ravary published statements suggesting the Quebec Status of Women Council (QSW) be abolished.

The statements published in the magazine say the council is holding back today’s modern Quebec women, notes the Canadian Magazines blog. Instead, Châtelaine suggests the creation of a new council, made up of both men and women.

After a look through the comments, Canadian Mag’s D.B. Scott notes that some felt Ravary was “annoyed because of a paper
published by the QSW that criticized stereotyping and the growing
sexualization of females in the media, including magazines like Châtelaine” and other suggested “the controversial statement was designed to create
a buzz and bring attention to the magazine’s redesign.”