Chronicle-Herald slashes two dozen jobs

As advertising revenues decline and the economy continues to suffer, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald is the latest newspaper to cut staff.

The company has announced that 24 employees will receive notice and the layoffs will take effect in 45 days.

Dan Leger, the paper’s director of news content told the Canadian Press:

“It’s a terrible day. It’s an absolutely horrible day. … This is something we fought tooth and nail to resist but the numbers just kept getting worse and worse and worse and we just don’t know where they’re going to end…

“I’m sincerely hoping with all my heart we’ll find a way to reduce the number leaving here because there’s some really good folks and we’d love to keep them.”

The layoffs were based on seniority in various job classifications. Leger said the company will be in talks with the Halifax Typographical Union during the next 45 days to discuss ways to mitigate the cuts through buyouts and early leave options.