Change coming for Toronto’s Eye Weekly

Eye Weekly‘s new publisher and editor-in-chief Laas Turnbull has plans to “evolve” the Toronto tabloid.

Turnbull was interviewed by Masthead Online about his plans for the weekly. He notes that “working as both editor and publisher makes it easier for changes to happen quickly.”

Masthead writes:

“Turnbull says the plan is to evolve each layer of the weekly, not just the editorial and release a re-designed publication next spring. “We need to look at everything — distribution, circulation — because it is just not as effective as it needs to be,” he says. “It’s not just where we drop the product but what it looks like, the paper stock. Everything feeds off each other.”

Turnbull told Masthead that his goal is create a work environment that’s attractive to — and supportive of — young journalists.

He’s already made several major hires: Former Canadian Business editor Lianne George was hired as deputy editor, while Report on Business associate editor David Fielding will become senior editor. Carrie Gillis, former associate publisher of Strategy, will become director of sales.