Ceri Marsh resigns as editor of Fashion Magazine

Fashion MagazineCeri Marsh, who is currently on maternity leave, has resigned from the position of editor-in-chief of Fashion Magazine.

Masthead Magazine reports:

“Marsh, who has been editor of the St. Joseph-published magazine since 2003 was due to come back from maternity leave in September and spoke with [publisher Lilia] Lozinski last week about her decision to leave the book. “She made a very difficult teary-eyed decision,” says Lozinski. “But she will not be out of the industry, she will be balancing a couple of freelance projects.”

“One of the projects Marsh will be working on is joining the editorial team of the soon to be launched Canadian digital beauty and wellness magazine, The Kit as health editor. The online magazine is set to launch in September and will be edited by Wallace Media principal Doug Wallace.”

Bernadette Morra, who has been acting as editor-in-chief of Fashion and is a previous fashion editor for the Toronto Star, will be Marsh’s replacement effective immediately.