Census debates

The Canadian Association of Journalists has waded into the census debate, telling the government, “Don’t slash our
.” Indeed, Statistics Canada data has long occupied a spot in J-Source’s
resource section as an important
journalism tool
. As well, journalism.net features a guide to
Canadians statistics
that highlights census data. Journalists have long relied on Stats Can releases, such
as crime stat
to develop news stories. Stats Can is also a source of industry
data, such as radio
and Internet usage.
However, not
everyone is happy
with census results, which can be sloppily
by the press.

Late in the game, the National
Statistics Council
has also weighed in with a
defending the census. Previously, the NSC had issued a
brief response
to Dr. Sheikh’s resignation. Interestingly, the NSC
identified the questions that track unpaid hours caring for seniors and
children as the biggest source of complaints received – data women’s
groups long sought
as a base to argue for flexible workplaces, childcare spaces and other supports. Now, after a brief period of visibility for women’s unpaid
, the NSC recommends jettisoning the apparently nettlesome indicator as the price of compromise.