CBC trashed by anonymous “single source”

Reports the Globe and Mail:

“The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is behind an unprecedented flood of complaints to Canada’s information watchdog.

“The latest annual report from Information Commissioner Robert Marleau says his office received 536 complaints about the public broadcaster in 2007-2008, more than any other department or agency of government.

“And more than 90 per cent of the CBC complaints that Mr. Marleau has finished investigating were found to be valid.”

The story notes that most complaints concerned delays in responding to requests under the Access to Information Act. Furthermore, “Mr. Marleau’s report notes that almost all of the CBC complaints came from a single source, which neither he nor the Crown corporation can name because of privacy rules.”

Seems to me this single source — and his/her objective along with his/her/its political or corporate affiliation — is the real story. Should privacy rules kick in here to shield a political or corporate actor?

No. I’m beginning to think our obsession with privacy is running amok.