CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition launches regular segment on media issues

The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio’s three-hour Sunday morning program hosted by Michael Enright, has launched a new segment called MediaPhiles, which examines “how the media are covering some of the more complex stories of our day.”

A CBC press release explains the rationale behind the new segment:

“The job of a journalist should be pretty easy to describe. We are supposed to go out into the world to collect stories – all of them true – and then communicate those stories to our readers, listeners and viewers. Of course, things are rarely that simple. Sometimes the truth is too hard to find. Sometimes it’s too hard to believe. And sometimes no one wants to hear it.”

The series launched on Jan. 17 with a discussion about “The climate on Planet Earth” featuring Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente, Ryerson professor Jeffrey Dvorkin, science journalist Peter Calamai and Columbia Journalism Review reporter Curtis Brainard.

Blogger and CTV reporter Bill Doskoch tweeted during the first airing of hte MediaPhiles segment.