CBC Radio hires new exec director

Denise Donlon has been named as the new executive director of radio for CBC English Services.
Donlon, 52, is a former president of Sony Music Canada as well as former vice president and general manager of MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic. She was named Broadcast Executive of the Year at the Canadian Music Week Industry Awards three times in the 90s. As well, she was inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2002 and in 2005 was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada.

Richard Stursberg, executive vice president of CBC English Services said in a news release:

“Denise is without question one of the broadcasting industry’s most talented and dynamic organizational leaders. She is both a proven
administrator and team builder and a champion of creativity, artistic excellence and social responsibility…In addition to her professional attributes, she has developed a prodigious network of relationships throughout the entertainment, government, business, humanitarian and environmental communities in Canada and around the world. All of which is useful to her leadership of CBC Radio…”     

Some observers note that the hiring of such a high profile music executive points to a new direction for CBC radio.

In early September, CBC Radio 2 made some serious changes to its programming and reviews, of course, spanned both sides of the spectrum. Some felt it was “daring and progressive” and still others felt the new Radio 2 “has turned back the clock to a time when broadcasters counted on people to trust them.” Some listeners commented that the changes have “dumbed down” the offerings.

Donlon takes on her new role effective Sept. 29, 2008. She replaces Jennifer McGuire, who stepped down in May.