CBC memo on Rob Russo joining the parliamentary bureau

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I am writing today to let you know about some changes to the CBC News and Centers management team.  This fall Paul Hambleton will be moving to Toronto to take on the role of Managing Editor, radio and television news and centres programming.  This is a new role that integrates the management of news programming for both television and radio.  It includes the radio news duties formerly handled with such skill by Jack Nagler, plus new responsibilities in television programming.  Paul will be reporting to Fiona Conway.

Paul has had an impressive career at CBC News.  Highlights include Managing Editor in Newfoundland, Bureau Chief in Prince Edward Island,  Executive Producer of Newsgathering in Toronto and, of course, his current role as Managing Editor of our Parliamentary Bureau.  Along the way he won a Gemini Award for his work with Susan Ormiston and the digital team on the "Ormiston Online" project during the 2008 Federal election.  He also managed our outstanding coverage of the 2011 Federal election.  This is a great move for Paul, and we are thrilled to have his expertise back in Toronto.

I am also pleased to announce that Robert Russo will be coming to CBC as the new Managing Editor of the Parliamentary Bureau.  Rob is one of the most admired journalistic leaders in the country and no stranger to us at CBC News.  He is often called upon to provide political insight on The National, The House, Power and Politics and on local radio current affairs programs across the country.  He has been at the helm of CP’s Ottawa Bureau for the past ten years, leading teams that have won numerous awards including a Michener, National Newspaper awards and the press gallery’s Charles Lynch Award for lifetime achievement.

Rob Russo's journalistic credentials are indisputable.  He is a proven leader and innovator.  At Canadian Press, Rob managed to ride the waves of change rolling through the industry while still providing quality journalism.

Quality, relevance and enterprise are also our drivers here at CBC News.  Our Ottawa team, led by Paul, has helped define the national political agenda with its sharp reporting.  Power and Politics is now a real force, The House remains an institution, and our Politics online team sets the digital standard on Parliament Hill.

Rob’s challenge will be to build on that success.  We want to raise the CBC’s game on Parliament Hill even further–while working more closely than ever with local news staff and our SRC colleagues.  Our focus remains on increasing our commitment to enterprise journalism, a hallmark of Rob Russo's time at CP.  Rob will report to Jonathan Whitten.

Although Rob will be dropping by and touching base with folks in the bureau through the summer, he will begin in earnest after Labour Day.  Rob and Paul will spend September working through the transition, at which point Paul will take up his new duties in Toronto.

Please join me in congratulating both of them on  their new roles!

Jennifer McGuire
General Manager and Editor in Chief,
CBC News and Centres

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