“The CBC lies all the time”: Immigration Minister Jason Kenney

A Canadian Press story about International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda’s document doctoring has revealed an interesting comment about Canada’s public broadcaster from another conservative minister.

A Canadian Press reporter asked Immigration Minister Jason Kenney whether Oda’s apology was appropiate punishment. “When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: ‘The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?'”

The comment prompted FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting (a lobby group for CBC and public broadcasters) to suggest that Kenney’s comment “comment reflects his boss’s opinion, and betrays a sinister and hostile view of Canadian public broadcasting – a view completely out of sync with Canadian public opinion.”

FRIENDS points to a comment made last November by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Heritage Minister: “maybe it’s time we get out of the broadcasting business.”

FRIENDS is circulating an “I love CBC” petition to show support for the public broadcaster. FRIENDS’ spokesman Ian Morrison writes, “If Kenney had made his odious comment about an individual, and could not prove that it was true, he would be found guilty of libel in a court of law.”