CBC cuts

You know it’s bad when your ‘business
plan’ is also known as ‘CBC
.’ J-Source provides the details and links to
information on English
and French
program cuts. If you want to see how the scene looks on the ground,
visit Bill Stovin’s blog, which
details the loss
of Saskatchewan’s northern service
. The Town Hall post Rethinking
the CBC during crisis
provides a compendium of opinion.

For CBC defenders wondering what to do, rest assured you can now Twitter
about the cuts
there’s the de rigeuer Avaaz
Save the CBC petition
out there. (The petition itself may not
change minds in Ottawa, but the ensuing chain emails at least help
spread the word.) For more protracted and targeted campaigning,
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
could probably use your help.

(The Wounded Man.

Hans von Gersdorff. Field Book of Surgery, 1517.)