Cash for the Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting

The Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting has received a whopping $37,000 from the Montreal-based Chawkers Foundation. (Chawkers also funds The Walrus; the foundation was founded in 1988 by Ken Alexander’s father, Charles.)

The CCIR’s grant will go toward developing and launching a project that will provide resources for investigative projects in various Canadian media, as well as giving aid to long-form journalists for investigative stories.

“The CCIR is ecstatic that the Chawkers Foundation recognizes in us the potential to advance the cause of public interest journalism in this country,” said executive director Bilbo Poynter in a press release. “We can’t wait to get underway.”

The CCIR also received funding from the Open Society Institute. The six month grant allows the Centre to build on its existing investigation into the war in Afghanistan, especially reporting on the growing heroin trade.