Carleton’s Waddell on the Canwest restructuring

Chris Waddell, director of Carleton University’s School of Journalism, took questions about the Canwest restructuring and what it means for the Canadian media landscape during a live online discussion today at

At the time of posting (1:25 p.m. on Oct. 8), the discussion was still live.

Waddell fielded all kinds of great questions about the newspaper industry, including:

  • How will this affect local newspapers? What was wrong with the strategy of buying up many papers?
  • And what about the dozen or so Canwest community papers in the Lower Mainland of BC? They appear to be making money – no drop in paper sizes over the past few years – yet there’s rarely any mention of their existence in these restructuring/bankruptcy stories.
  • Has there been any buzz among insiders about using this as an opportunity to craft an entire new strategy for the daily newspaper?

Read the full conversation at “How will CanWest’s restructuring affect Canada’s media landscape?”