CanWest executive retires

A senior CanWest executive is retiring. The Asper family will consolidate more of its control over the media monolith as Leonard Asper takes over the responsibilities of outgoing Peter Viner. Here is today’s press release:

        WINNIPEG, July 18 /CNW/ – CanWest Global Communications Corp. President and CEO, Leonard Asper, today announced the retirement of Mr. Peter D. Viner, President and CEO, Canadian Operations, of CanWest MediaWorks Inc.
        Mr. Viner joined CanWest in 1974 and has held a number of senior positions since that time, most recently as head of CanWest’s Canadian operations. Mr. Viner will continue to serve the Company in a variety of advisory capacities and will maintain his directorships with a number of CanWest subsidiaries.
        “We want to sincerely thank Pete for his passion and dedication to CanWest. We are fortunate that we will continue to benefit from his experience and intellect through his ongoing involvement with CanWest,” said Mr. Asper.
        As a result, divisional operating heads previously reporting to Mr. Viner will now report directly to Mr. Asper.