Canadian journalist in Bangkok hospital says no-one to blame for his injury in Bangkok

Three journalists have been injured while reporting in Bangkok,
Thailand, including veteran Canadian journalist Nelson Rand, the Canadian Journalists for Freedom of Expression (CJFE) reports.

In a press release, the CJFE says:

“Rand works for French News Channel 24, and was reportedly shot three times in the leg, abdomen and wrist.  He is described as being in ‘serious condition’ in the hospital.  Two Thai journalists, a Voice TV news website cameraman and a Matichon newspaper photographer were also shot in the leg.  The journalists were reporting on the clashes between anti-government protestors and the military which have escalated in violence again over the past few days.
“So far this year, IFEX (the global network of free expression organizations managed by CJFE) has received reports of 37 journalists killed in the course of doing their work – that’s two journalists dying every single week” said Annie Game, CJFE’s Executive Director.  “It’s a constant reminder of exactly how dangerous this work is.” CJFE hopes that the three journalists will all make a full recovery.
“Journalism in conflict situations is always dangerous work, and yet absolutely vital to the public interest.  Journalists working in these situations generally take measures to protect themselves, but there are also protections under International Law.  Any deliberate attack on a journalist that causes death or serious physical injury is a major breach of Article 79 of Additional Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions and should be deemed a war crime.  CJFE urges the Thai authorities and others engaged in this conflict to observe these protocols.”


A Canadian reporter recovering in hospital in Thailand says no-one should be blamed for the fact he was shot, because he put himself in that situation.

Nelson Rand was shot three times on Friday while reporting in Bangkok for a French television network on the clashes between Thai security forces and anti-government protesters. At least 10 people have been killed and 125 injured — including Rand and a Thai photographer

CBC News reports he has had surgery on his hand, leg and abdomen and is recovering. Rand said he is happy to be alive. “I don’t know who fired the bullets and don’t care. I put myself in  that situation and no-one should be blamed for that,” he said in an interview.

The injured include a Thai photographer and Canadian journalist Nelson Rand, who was shot while reporting in Bangkok for a French television network. The Canadian Embassy in Bangkok has been temporarily closed to the public because of violence in the area.

Rand has lived and worked as a freelance journalist in Southeast Asia for over ten years and written Conflict. According to the publisher, he has also worked as a subeditor for The Nation newspaper, and a political contractor for the Embassy of Canada in Thailand. He has a Masters degree from University of British Columbia in Asian Studies.