Canadian Freelance Union bylaws approved by members

The Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) is now fully legal, its president has announced. The CFU’s charter members voted on a series of bylaws and they were overwhelmingly approved (94 per cent in favour).

Here are some details distributed by CFU president Michael OReilly:

  • With the formal creation of the CFU it is now accepting regular membership applications. The annual dues have been set to $125/year, however all Charter Members receive a first-year discount, paying only $100.                                                                                                      

During the October 3, 2009 Inaugural Meeting the CFU also elected (by acclamation) its first national Board. They are:

  • President: Michael OReilly
  • Vice-President: Marco Procaccini
  • BC-Yukon Regional Representative: Colleen Fuller
  • Prairie, Nunavut & NWT RR: Penney Kome
  • Ontario RR: Sharon Lindenburger
  • Quebec RR: Daniel Marchand
  • Atlantic RR: George Butters

CFU Members immediately receive:

  • Access to the CFU Forum (
  • A contract advice service to help members interpret and understand what they are signing
  • A formal contract support to help members deal with disputes over payment, rights usage or other problems. We will now have the time, and the professional support, to truly help
  • A “Red Flag” service to warn members about unscrupulous engagers
  • A basic benefits plan
  • Access to full benefits packages at rates far lower than would normally be possible (details to be posted on our website and the CFU Forum)
  • A Hiring Hall which will link members to work, and work to members
  • Use of the CFU bug
  • The start of efforts to negotiate better freelance contracts from some of the country’s largest publishers such as Quebecor, Transcontinental, Canwest, Rogers, etc
  • Access to a new Creator-focused Credit Union (Ontario members only– at least for now).

In addition to the above services, the CFU is working to deliver
additional ones such as:

  • A PRESS CARD (which will also be your CFU membership card)
  • Access to other group benefits (possibly car rental, office supplies, hotels, etc.)
  • A standard contract which can be used by all members (tailored to each individual sector)
  • A published set of standard rates
  • An accounting/tax service
  • Training and skills upgrading programs.