Canadian Federal Politics Pathfinder


Library of Parliament’s Information and Document Resource Center

The Library of Parliament’s Information and Document Resource Centre provides information on the history and structure of Canadian parliament.

Wikipedia – Politics

Wikipedia’s definition of Canadian politics explains what kind of government Canada has, how Canadian politics have evolved, and the different departments and roles within the government.

Canadian Politics

An introductory site that explains key terms in Canadian politics and how government works.


A CBC website that describes Parliament, its various roles and sections, and how it proceeds.

CBC archives

The archives section of the CBC website gives a historical view of Canadian government. The site breaks down events and eras in Canadian Politics with an easy to follow time frame.

Elections Canada’s main web page. From here, you can search information on which candidates are running, the different ridings, and past elections.

Elections Canada

Elections Canada site that explains the Canadian electoral system (how to vote, how it works, and how it’s evolved over the years).

Elections Canada: Electoral districts

Elections Canada site with a list of all Canadian federal electoral districts.

Elections Canada: List of parties

Elections Canada site lists all the political parties that are registered in Canada and eligible to run.

Elections Canada: Results

Elections Canada website that allows you to search the results of past elections.

Parliament of Canada: Past Elections

The Parliament of Canada’s website has information on past elections by ridings, candidate, and by election.

Nodice Elections

This website shows the most recent results from Canadian federal elections, including current polls, elections news, and the most up to date standings of different parties.


Parliament of Canada: Federal update

This Parliament of Canada website updates the daily business of the federal government. It has information on the current session’s committees, and bills of the House. It also includes a database of past House proceedings.

Parliament of Canada: Transcripts

From this part of the Parliament of Canada’s website, you can search by date who said what in the House of Commons by viewing Hansard transcripts. The transcripts cover speeches, statements, and questions.

How They Vote

This site documents how every MP has voted in the House of Commons. You can search who voted for what on any bill. There are also useful links to MPs webpages.


The Conservatice Party

The Conservative Party’s website

The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party’s website

The New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party’s website

Blog Quebecois

The Bloc Quebecois’ website

The Green Party

The Green Party’s website


Parliament of Canada

This part of the Parliament of Canada’s website lists publications of in-depth analyses and research on critic areas and issues. The Library publishes this information for MPs, their staff, and other government officials but anyone can search through this database.

Politics Watch

A news website covering Canadian federal politics. It is updated by the minute to include the most recent political news including election results, polls, interviews, and commentaries.

The Hills Times

The website of The Hills Times, a Canadian newsweekly dedicated entirely to what’s happening on the Hill. News is centralized to Ottawa politics, covers everything from upcoming MPs birthdays to recently hired staff on the Hill.