Canadian Association of Broadcasters shutting down

Local TV operators and and cable companies were unable to find common ground and as a result The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) is shutting down, The Globe and Mail reports

Local TV operators such as Canwest and CTV have been campaigning for fees for carriage of over-the-air signals and the CRTC held hearings on the matter in late 2009.

The CAB represents radio and television broadcasters and the two groups increasingly different views on the industry have made it impossible for the association to continue.

CAB chairman Elmer Hildebrand told the Globe:

“It had become obvious some time ago that the three sectors, television radio and specialty (channels), all in the same room couldn’t really sort out their priorities in a manner that the association could actually do their work. It was my hope to be able to peel off the television and the specialty (channels) and maintain the organization as a radio-only association.”