Can and should investigative journalism save mainstream media?

It’s a provocative question, and that’s the whole point, according to Bilbo Poynter, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Investigative Reporting (CCIR).

The CCIR is presenting a panel discussion at the National Film Board in Toronto on Aug. 5 to address the question.

In an interview with Toronto weekly Now, Poynter said:

“We wanted to provoke a question we thought would resonate with people who work in the media specifically, and maybe the public more broadly. We felt that within North American media, there is now an acknowledged crisis in terms of resources and jobs and the future is very uncertain. People are certainly feeling it. It was a good time to introduce our model of approaching news gathering.”

The panel will feature Toronto Star publisher John Cruickshank, Real News Network founder and editor Paul Jay among others and will be moderated by Gillian Findlay from CBC’s the fifth estate.

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