The campaign, Twitter, and you

It ain’t called the Twitter campaign for nothing. If
anything can be concluded about last night’s debate, it’s that this election is
all about social media. As The Globe and Mail reports, #db8-tagged tweets made
up 1 per cent of worldwide Twitter traffic around 8 p.m. EST. “Iggy”
trended worldwide. According to one digital based strategist, debate-related
tweets tallied 38,000 by 11 p.m. EST. That’s about half of Tuesday’s total
election-related traffic on Twitter. Add all the liveblogs and Facebook updates
and you start to understand why reporting, and following, the debate Tuesday
felt a little bit like running a marathon. J-Source wants to know how you
covered (and followed) the debate using social media. Any prize tweets? Big
challenges? Send them to: We’ll provide a coast-to-coast round-up of how journos
handled the first Canadian debate to go viral.