CAJ warns of “industry death spiral”

In the last three months 1200 jobs have been lost in the Canadian media business, and the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) is “deeply concerned” that the job cuts are becoming a real threat to the quality of journalism in this country.

CAJ president Mary Agnes Welch said in a press release:

“When do we reach the point in Canada where so many jobs are lost that our news becomes nothing more than rewritten press releases? The decisions taken this fall will lead to more centralization of news in Canada, fewer opportunities for Canadians to learn from different voices and will threaten the very existence of quality local and investigative reporting.

Many of the media outlets where these jobs were lost were already lean

The CAJ cites Sun Media’s recent decision to cut 600 jobs and Canwest’s elimination of 560 jobs in November.

The CAJ states:

“The CAJ is aware media companies, like all businesses, have to find a way to survive in these challenging times. At the same time, the CAJ remains deeply concerned that current trends represent a growing threat to a free and vigorous press.”