CAJ award nominees announced

CAJThe Canadian Association of Journalists has announced the nominees for its annual awards event, which will take place May 29 in Montreal.

The nominees, which are listed on the CAJ site, are:

OPEN NEWSPAPER/WIRE SERVICE (circulation greater than 25,000)

Linda Gyulai
The Water Meter Series
The Gazette

David Bruser
War at Home
The Toronto Star

Tim Bousquet
“Everyone Loses Under the City’s Property Tax Plan”
The Coast


Gordon Hoekstra
“Downtown Fix”
Prince George Citizen

Micheal Gorman
“Housing Crisis Hits Yarmouth”
Yarmouth Vanguard

Byron Christopher
The Running Man
Freelancer (The Tribune, Campbelltown, NB.)

Elliot Ferguson
“Tori is Missing”
Woodstock Sentinel Review

Steve Bonspiel
“Highway 207 Recycling”
The Eastern Door


Bob McKeown and Oleh Rumak
“Death online”
CBC News: the fifth estate

Hana Gartner and Marie Caloz
“Riding on Risk”
CBC News: the fifth estate

Mellissa Fung and Lynn Burgess
“Canada’s Ugly Secret”
CBC News: The National

Robert Osborne, Victor Malarek, Patti-Ann Finlay, Anton Koschany,
Brett Mitchell
“Beyond Justice”

Marleen Trotter, Sue Sgambati, Sarah Stevens, Anton Koschany
“Hot on the Trail”

OPEN TELEVISION (Less than 5 minutes)

Lynn Burgess and Laurie Graham
“E-Health Ontario Scandal”
CBC News: The National

Gillian Findlay, Lynn Burgess, Nathan Crocker, Tony Marchitto, Don Chung
“OLG Windsor Cost Overruns”
CBC News: The National

Harvey Cashore, Gillian Findlay, Angela Gilbert, Nathan Crocker,
Steve Desousa, Doug Husby, Tony Marchitto, Greg McArthur
“RBC Tax Evasion”
CBC News: The National/The Globe and Mail


Tina Pittaway and Neil Sandell
“Risky Business”
CBC Radio One

Margaret Evans
“The Day The Music Died”
CBC Radio News

Deanne Fleet
“Bishop Porn”
CBC Radio St John’s

Gino Harel
“Cancer du Sein: Transparence Mise en Doute”
Radio Canada

Teddy Katz
“The Fight Isn’t Over”
CBC National Radio News


Glen McGregor and Stephen Mahar
Dangling the Dollars
The Ottawa Citizen/Chronicle Herald

Glen McGregor
The Ottawa Citizen

Robert Cribb and Lois Kalchman
Minor Hockey; Major Problems
The Toronto Star


Louie Palu
The Front Line
Zuma Press

Darryl Dyck
Photo Portfolio
Freelancer (The Canadian Press)

Elliot Ferguson
“Tori is Missing”
Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Steve Russell
Photo Portfolio
The Toronto Star

Ted Rhodes
Photo Portfolio
Calgary Herald


Michael Friscolanti
After the Detention, A Betrayal

Roxanne Gregory
Woodlands Survivors Seek Settlement
The Georgia Strait

Michael Friscolanti
This Land is My Land


Maureen Brosnahan
The Least of These
CBC Radio

Jennifer Green
We Pray to the Same God
The Ottawa Citizen


Alison Crawford
“Bishop Lahey”
CBC National Radio News

Elizabeth Thompson
Feds Sell Historic Silver
Sun Media

Harvey Cashore, Lynn Burgess, Gillian Findlay, Angela Gilbert, Nathan Crocker, Doug Husby, Tony Marchitto, Steve Desousa, Greg McArthur
“RBC Tax Evasion”
CBC News: The National/The Globe and Mail

Gillian Findlay, Bruce Livesey, Joseph Loiero, Steve Desousa, Tony Marchitto
“Nortel Secret Bonuses”
CBC News

Kim Trynacity
“Environmental Cleanup”
CBC News – Edmonton


John Vennavally-Rao
“Metro Storms”
CTV News

Peter Gullage/CBC St. John’s Newsroom
Cougar Helicopter Crash
CBC News Newfoundland and Labrador

Glen McGregor
I Thought They Were Dead
The Ottawa Citizen

Eric Rankin
“Jericho Assault”
CBC News Vancouver

Margaret Evans
War in Gaza
CBC Radio


Matthieu Aikins
Unembedded in Afghanistan
The Coast

Carly Weeks
Under Pressure
The Globe and Mail

Denise Davy
One in Five – Canada’s Mental Health Crisis
The Hamilton Spectator

CAJ/CNW Student Award of Excellence

David Karp
$117 Million of Prime Toxic Land
McMaster University

Colin Parrott, Katie May, Zeb Quereshi, John Packman, Tony Ferguson, Breanne McAdam, Vivian Belik, Zander Brosky, Stephany Tlalka, Terrence McEachern, David Olsen, Steve Davis, Kathleen Hunter
Toxic Legacy
University of King’s College

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours
No Justice for Tiffany Morrison
Concordia University

The Canadian Association of Journalists is a professional organization with around 900 members across Canada. The CAJ’s primary roles are public interest advocacy work and professional development for its members.