Budget help for some publications

Canada’s “community press” got a boost in the federal budget, and the
two national newspaper associations are pleased. The budget included
$30 million over two years for community newspapers and magazines, said a report on a community newspaper site.

“This is not new money, since it effectively replaces the annual $15
million which Canada Post recently announced it would withdraw from the
Publications Assistance Program. The money allotted in the new budget
will allow PAP to maintain current funding levels,” said a story, which
apparently represents the Canadian Newspaper Association and the
Canadian Community Newspaper Association.

“The Conservatives also announced they will spend a further
$225-million over three years to extend broadband coverage to unserved
communities, allowing newspapers to connect with larger audiences
online.” The associations “applaud these allocations and encourage the
Harper government to build upon this in finding other ways to support
the newspaper industry,” said the story.