The British Journalism Review

British Journalism Review is unique. The only place where you will find informed, thought provoking, in-depth discussion on all aspects of the media, written by people who know what they are talking about and are not afraid to share their views. A must for those who care about their newspapers and TV. Unique too, because it has no hidden agenda, no private axe to grind.” Richard Stott, former editor, Daily Mirror, The People, Today.

British Journalism Review is a forum for analysis and debate, to monitor the media, submit the best as well as the worst to scrutiny, and to raise the level of the dialogue. It is intended to appeal not only to journalists, whether in newspapers, radio and television, or online, but also to media academics and students and to everyone who cares about communication. The journal provides a forum for all, including professionals and scholars, who wish to submit material for consumption and discussion.

Online Availability

British Journalism Review is a SAGE publication and access to its contents can be obtained through Articles can be downloaded and distributed as PDF files. The management encourages subscriptions and complete access to all the articles is available only to those who subscribe.


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