Bono to guest edit Globe and Mail

Next Monday The Globe and Mail will be guest-edited by Irish
musician-activists Bono and Bob Geldof, who will produce a special
issue focussed on Africa.

They are the first guest editors for The Globe, which is the only Canadian paper that has an African bureau. Africa correspondent Geoffrey York will contribute two features, along with content and commentary from African
political leaders, business owners and grassroots activists.
The Globe is partnering with Bono, Geldof, and their organization ONE in advance of Canada hosting two critically important summits of world leaders in June – The G8, which will focus on extreme poverty in developing countries, and the G20 will explore financial and economic reform.

A Globe and Mail story says:

“This will be the first time The Globe has invited guest-editors into the news room, and the first time Bono and Geldof have guest-edited a North American newspaper.

“The online and new media component of this project will be critical, and extend into early June as part of The Globe‘s G8 and G20 coverage. To oversee this part of the project, the celebrated Kenyan activist and blogger Ory Okolloh will join the team as guest-editor of on May 10. Okolloh will oversee stories from and about Africa and participate in a series of online discussions.”

“I’m a huge fan of great journalism – I can’t wait to show up for work at The Globe. Our aim in this special edition is to crack down on a few stereotypes and showcase the opportunities surrounding the African continent, not just the problems,” said Bono.

Bob Geldof“The world will be coming to and looking at Canada this June. The older and the emerging economies will be once again be struggling to learn the new 21st century dance of cooperation and possibly even compromise, and this time under Canada’s leadership. The Globe and Mail, one of the world’s great papers of record, has, in a mad rush of blood to the head, agreed to let two Irish pop-singers edit their august journal for one special day, one special edition. It will be dedicated to that huge, emerging resource continent of Africa and the global necessity of coming to terms with its opportunities and obstacles. I’ve gone from being an old editor of the Vancouver Georgia Straight to the new editor of the The Globe and Mail and it’s only taken 36 years! Now that’s a career trajectory,” said Bob Geldof.

“The Globe and Mail is inviting readers to send in their video questions for Bono and Geldof. Video questions should be sent via by May 6th. Select questions will be chosen, and the guest-editors will answer these questions from The Globe and Mail and shared online at during the month of May.

“It will be a pleasure to hand over the editor’s chair to people who have given decades of their lives to the cause of bringing world attention to Africa, a place that is now a very different, and more aspiring, continent than we’ve ever known it to be,” added John Stackhouse, Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail. “I know Bono and Geldof will bring startling and stimulating conversations to the newspaper, and Ory to our website. It’s an honour to share the newsroom with such an esteemed team, and I’m delighted to extend this experience to our readers.”