Blogging from Guatemala

Kinia Adamczyk, a journalism undergraduate at Concordia, is currently a media intern in Guatemala with Uniterra, an initiative of the Canadian Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) and World University Service of Canada (WUSC). She is part of a group of 12 Canadian students reporting on developing issues in countries in Central and South America and in Africa.

She is specifically focusing on youth development issues in Guatemala. Gangs are a big problem in Guatemala, so most of the programs she is investigating are based on promoting positive use of free time to prevent delinquency.

Opinions expressed in her blog do not necessarily reflect those of the organization Uniterra. For more information on Uniterra’s Media Interns program, consult:

Adamczyk will be contributing to the Concordia Journalism Project on a regular basis from Guatemala and will continue to contribute when she returns to Concordia in the fall.