The best photos of the year


Greg Locke

It’s the end of 2008 and many editorial and photography organizations are posting

galleries of what they consider the best photos and photographers of the year.


I usually avoid mentioning these because contrary to what most people believe, they are not

objective selections. Great photography, like many things, is in the eye of the beholder and cultural, social, political, corporate and

personal bias on the part of judges play into every decision.


It is not uncommon to see wildly different photos in the European-based World Press Photo

annual and the U.S.-based Pictures of The Year (POY)

editorial photo annual contest, which have many common entries.


As the year closes I leave you with a collection of links to many of the “best

of” galleries and you can be the judge.

Some of these sites will be updated in January and February as contest

dates close.

In my view, the best example of the power of multimedia in a web presentation is MSNBC’s collection.


And remember, the best photos of the year do not necessarily mean photos from the top

stories of the year.


MSNBC – The Year in



Reuters – 2008 Pictures of The Year.

Time magazine – 2008 Pictures of The


The Boston Globe’s BIG PICTURE – Pictures of the Year

(you have to look for navigation to 2nd and 3rd


The Age (AU) – 2008 Photos of

The Year


Travel Photographer of the Year – Darwin Wiggett, Canada


The Guardian (UK) – Environmental Photographer of

The Year


The Telegraph (UK) – Pictures of The Year


Natural History Society (UK) – Wildlife Photos of The



National GeographicReaders Photo



The Washington Post – Top 10 Sports Photos.


World Press Photo (updated

in the new year)  

Pictures of The Year – Missouri School of Journalism, POY
(updated in new


News Photographers of Canada (NPAC) (updated in new year)