Banff Media’s green producer award gets Suzuki endorsement

The Banff World Media Awards (aka The Rockies) has announced that it is
renaming its prestitgous “Green Grand Prize” to recognize longtime CBC Nature of Things host and environmental advocate Dr. David Suzuki.

The award recognizes professional and personal achievements in raising public awareness and understanding of scientific and enviornmental issues through visual media.

Suzuki is happy to lend his name to the award, Broadcaster Magazine reports, and stressed the importance of visual media in promoting environmental awareness.

“I did not know I was beginning a career in television in 1962 when I did my first series,” Dr. Suzuki said. “It has always been my belief that television is a powerful medium of education on a broad basis. Nothing can be more important today than the state of the planet and the future for all of humanity within the biosphere. Television and the electronic media will play a key role in informing people about the issues that confront them and we must celebrate those programs that best perform that role.””