Automobile Pathfinder


Glossary of Automotive Terms

This site provides a listing of the most common automotive terms, including jargon. It’s set up using an easy-to-browse alphabetical style. The definitions are easy to understand. It’s a great place to start to get a feel for basic automotive terms.

How Stuff Works Online

If you want to know how a car works, this is the place to go. This link will take you to the general automotive page, which tells you how an engine works. At the top of the page is a table of contents where you can scroll through other parts of the car to learn more. The diagrams are really detailed, and are cinematic with lots of moving parts.

Safe Car Guide

This is another site that’s easy to browse. It provides a brief description of different classifications of cars. The site is geared towards people who are shopping for cars and are concerned about safety. It’s detailed, and contains some other useful links.

Statistical Review of the Canadian Automotive Industry 2005

A 44 page document (in PDF form) that gives statistics of automotive sales in Canada and abroad. It breaks down sales by company and type of car. It’s long, but this link will take you to a table of contents so you can focus in on what you’re looking for. At the end is a listing of all manufacturing plants in Canada and their contact information.

Canadian Driver

Canadian driver is considered ‘Canada’s Online Auto Magazine’. This link will take you to the latest news portion of the website, which is updated daily. It usually contains between 8-10 stories on new models, innovations and general stories in the industry. It also has an archives section in the sidebar for old story searches.


Ford Canada Online

Ford is considered the first of the ‘Big Three’ in Canada. This link takes you to a section of their official site that lists all of their latest models. Simply place your mouse on the model you’d like to see. A picture then comes up with specifics about the car or truck.

General Motors Canada

GM is number two in Canada’s ‘Big Three’ car companies. This site is GM’s main page. You will immediately see a listing of their various cars and models. It’s highly visual. Everything is accompanied by a picture. Just point and click.

Chrysler Canada Online

Chrysler rounds out the ‘Big Three’. This website provides a list of all their cars and divisions and a similar, easy-to-navigate format.

Internet Auto Guide Online

This site allows you to search for automobile recalls for most major companies. The companies are listed alphabetically. When you click on the one you want, it’ll take you to a new listing that has every make and year for that company, going back as far as 1980. After you make a selection, you’ll see a picture of the vehicle, the ID number attached to it and a summary that details the reasons for its recall.


License Types

A link within the Ministry of Transportation. It provides a table that lists the various sorts of licenses in Canada, and then describes the vehicles associated with them.

Driver’s Handbook Online

The entire government handbook is provided through this website. On the right hand side is a listing of the chapters, so you can easily skip between the sections you want. Sections include: Getting your Driver’s License, Safe and Responsible Driving, Traffic Signs and Lights, Keep your License, Your Vehicle and the Level Two Road Rest.

Young Drivers of Canada

Young Drivers is Canada’s largest driving school. The link that’s provided takes you to a page that walks you through different levels of licensing, what you will be tested on, their restrictions and how you go about applying for your license. There is also a variety of links available on this webpage. Pay particular attention to the “Driving Tips” and “DriveFit” links on the left-hand side. Driving tips has useful information for driving in summer and winter conditions. Drivefit is an at-home, PC-based program designed to improve your driving skills. You can download the demo for free.

Canada Safety Council

An online quiz you can take that involves penalties and laws concerning impaired driving. I received only 1/5. After you take the quiz you can click at the bottom to see a full explanation of the answers. After you do the quiz, be sure to click the link “Impaired Driving” in the right column. This takes you to their official site that deals with impaired driving issues, including blood/alcohol limit, legal drinking age and safety precautions.


Canadian Auto Workers Union

CAW is the largest private sector union in Canada. This page contains a variety of contact information. You can click to view their national and regional offices and even visit the local union websites. Addresses, emails and phone numbers are all provided.

Canadian Auto Workers Union

A great section of the CAW website that deals exclusively with press releases. The latest news stories concerning the auto workers union are posted at the top and the listing goes back as far as a week. It’s updated regularly and is really easy to navigate. All you have to do is click on the story you’re interested in. There’s a caption below the story that describes what it’s about. The “detailed search” tab at the top of the page is particularly useful. You can type in a key word and search their news archives.

CAW – Canada

This is a two page PDF document that briefly lays out the history of the Canadian Auto Workers Union and explains its various functions and goals.


The Language of Car Insurance Translated

Great place to start when trying to get a grasp the basics of how insurance works and what certain terminology means. When you click on this link, look to the right and you’ll see “Car Insurance Translated.” The listing is alphabetical and really easy to scroll through. At the top are all the different letters and you can quickly find the term you’re looking for. The explanations are condensed and easy to understand.

Insurance Canada Online

This website has a directory of auto insurance companies that will provide quotes if you call. Their numbers, locations and website are listed beside the logos.

Insurance Bureau of Canada – Media Centre

When you click on this link, go to the top right section of the screen and hit “Media Centre”. For whatever reason, this section of the website doesn’t have a distinct URL address. Each year, IBC responds to over 700 requests from the media for information or interviews. Scroll down and you’ll find the primary media contact for journalists, complete with address, email and phone number. Check out the toolbar on the left, because it has links to their press releases section, which is updated daily.

Auto Theft Canada

Overall, this is a very useful website that contains all sorts of information about auto theft. The link takes you to a list of recommendations on how to avoid getting your car stolen. Pay particular attention to the “contact us” icon on the left. From here you can get information for contacting Ken Haywood, who will answer specific questions about car theft and security.There is also a section for “newsletters” and “upcoming events.”


Fuel Economy Online – How Hybrids Work

Although this site is American, I feel it’s comprehensive. This link will take you to an explanation of the mechanics. Click below the diagram to get a very informative animated demonstration, but make sure you have Flash 6.0 or higher. The “News and Info” tab on the left-hand side gives you a list of hybrids that’ll be available for 2007. – Blogs

While this is a great site in terms of gathering information on hybrids, I found this section particularly helpful. It contains a list of bloggers. But not anyone can contribute to this page; these are experts in the automotive industry. There’s a picture of each blogger with their articles listed on the side. There are new articles being published here all the time. Pay special attention to the “forum” tab in the top left corner. You can then view hundreds of posts from hybrid users, skeptics and enthusiasts. It also contains reviews of new hybrid models. If you’re looking for something specific, at the top is a search tool. You can browse the posts right away, but if you want to make a post you must register with the website. The option to do so is in the top right corner of the page.

Hybrid Technologies

A site containing information for both Canadian and American companies. In particular, this section of the website, at the top of the page, has a menu of all the latest articles pertaining to hybrid technology. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find the address and phone number of the primary media contact. The column on the right has a series of helpful links. “Environment” takes you to a page that lists articles that have appeared in newspapers and magazines that discuss their environmental benefits.