Autojournalist’s son crashes Porsche

In a classic Ferris Bueller move, the 18-year-old son of Globe and Mail
autojournalist Peter Cheney crashes a $180,000 Porsche Turbo.

In an article titled HOLY #!$%#$!!, Cheney writes:

“Take an expensive sports car, a curious teen and a garage door – and mix together to get one very embarrassed automotive writer”

“That day began with deceptive perfection. I woke up in a sunlit bedroom next to my beautiful wife. We had celebrated 26 years of marriage just the day before. Our cherry tree was in full blossom, and in the garage, locked away like a crown jewel, was a 2010 Porsche 997 Turbo, the latest (and costliest) in a long series of test cars.

“When I decided to transition into automotive journalism after more than two and a half decades of news reporting, no one was happier than my son Will. Instead of telling his friends his dad was in Afghanistan (or at a murder scene) he could bring them over to check out the latest ride.

“My new trade did have its perils, which include the creeping cynicism of the professional test driver. An auto journalist’s existence is like a mechanized version of Hugh Hefner’s – when you are presented with an endless cavalcade of automotive beauties, you can easily become jaded.”

Read the rest of Cheney’s tale, see photos of the crash and find out what happens to his son.