The Atlantic on the rise of Bloomberg News

An article published by The Atlantic
explores Bloomberg News and why it has become one of the world’s
“largest and increasingly influential” news organizations.

The Atlantic reports:

“By any standard, Michael Rubens Bloomberg is one of the most successful public figures of our age. As the third-term mayor of New York, a billionaire many times over, and in the top tier of global philanthropists, he has stature nonpareil among his mogul peers, none of whom has amassed power in as many ways. His namesake, Bloomberg LP, emerged from the financial upheavals of the past three years more formidable than ever and more tightly controlled now that Merrill Lynch has sold the 20 percent share of the business it owned, valuing the company at $22.5 billion. Surprisingly, for all these superlatives, Bloomberg’s role as a shaper of journalism’s future still lags the reality it has become. In the tectonic shifts of how information is gathered and distributed, Bloomberg News has become one of the world’s largest and increasingly influential news organizations.”

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