Associated Press’ multi-million digital overhaul

Associated Press Television News plans to undergo a multi-million-dollar
infrastructure upgrade
to provide high-definition images to the
broadcast and digital photography industries. It also aims to increase the “depth and breadth” of international video content and deploy “state-of-the-art” cameras around the world.

In a press release, AP reports that the upgrade is “the single biggest investment in the AP’s London-based video business since 1998, when the AP bought its competitor, Worldwide Television News.”

AP’s video business has bureaus in more than 80 countries and supplies live news video and edited clips to more than 1,000 national and international broadcasters. The new infrastructure will allow AP video to fit seamlessly with broadcasters around the world. High-def video will be rolled out with AP’s entertainment coverage in 2011, with sports and live news to follow in 2012.

“Traditionally, customers have subscribed to our service for competitive coverage from every corner of the globe. But as well as having strong content, it is vital that, in the digital age, we give our customers choices about how they receive our content,” Daisy Veerasingham, senior vice president of business development and partner relations, said in AP’s press release. “This investment will give our customers a wide range of options about the technology they use to receive video – both in the traditional broadcast market and on digital platforms. We believe 2011 is the tipping point when the majority of the international TV news markets will want pictures in high definition.”