ASNE’s best practice guidelines for editors creating social news policies

In case you missed it, or haven’t had a chance to read the full report yet, here are the top 10 takeaways from the recently released American Society of News Editors guide to crafting social media policies:

1. Traditional ethics rules still apply online.
2. Assume everything you write online will become public.
3. Use social media to engage with readers, but professionally.
4. Break news on your website, not on Twitter.
5. Beware of perceptions.
6. Independently authenticate anything found on a social networking site.
7. Always identify yourself as a journalist.
8. Social networks are tools not toys.
9. Be transparent and admit when you’re wrong online.
10. Keep internal deliberations confidential.

As CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe notes in his blog, what’s really interesting is the recommendation that news be broken on a news organization’s website, not via Twitter.

What do you think?