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Search for Canadian artists and/or works in the Canadian Art Database by: name, category, title, materials, residence, collections, date made and other information.

Artists by category

Search for Candian artists in the Canadian Art Database by types of art.

Artists by residence

Search for Candian artists in the Canadian Art Database by province or territory.

Artistic works

Search from the Ontario Society of Arts Catalogue via the Canadian Art Database. Searchable by: artist, title, year.

Bibliographic citations

Search for bibliographic citations in the Canadian Art Database by title, author, date, publisher, topic type, serial title, volume, issue, place, published, topic.


Search for events via the Canadian Art Database. Searchable by event, start, date, location, event type, topic type, sponsor, category, description.


Search for Canadian and international art galleries. Listings will sometimes also have links to associated artists, and all listings have links to the gallery’s website. Searchable by name, province or type (aboriginal, auction, commercial, cooperative, museum, public and virtual).

Historical Canadian Photographs

Search from the Canadian Library and Archives.

Canadian Museums

Searchable by institution name, city or province, and category.


Art galleries

Canadian Art magazine has compiled a directory for art galleries, both in Canada and abroad. Click on the “galleries” tab at the top.

Current Exhibitions

Canadian Art magazine keeps a directory that lists the exhibitions going on in Canada and internationally. Click on the “exhibitions” tab at the top.

Media Artists

Performance Artists

Inuit Artists (listed according to their community)

First Nations (listed along with band and location)

The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art (CCCA) has created a Canadian Art Database. It is available in French and English, and has an extensive directory for Canadian artists who’ve been invited to participate. Artists are listed alphabetically along with their city under the following categories; media, performance, Inuit and First Nations. If you click on a specific artist you will find links to the artist’s work in the Canadian Art Database, related information (such as links to the artist’s website, their CV), a brief bibliography and a link to contact the artist via email.

Canadian Art Schools:

Has direct links to the websites of some of Canada’s major art institutions.

Canadian Grant Agencies

Grant agencies and organizations are listed by province.


List of museums by province via museum, which claims to eventually have links for every museum around the world.